The Map View visually plots records containing location data onto an interactive world map. This geographic perspective delivers unique insights and analysis opportunities.

Pin & Track

On the record:

  • Pin on the go: Use the location icon to pin your current location instantly.

  • Location Tracking: The Map leverages the Location/Map custom field to pull in latitude and longitude data associated with records.

  • Visual Identification: Map pins are color-coded based on the record's primary tag, enabling intuitive recognition.

On the Map:

  • Detail Popups: Clicking a pin reveals a popup with the record's name, project, list, tags, and assignees. Click again to open the full record.

  • Navigation Controls: Zoom, pan, and snap to your current location.

  • Persistent Filters: All filters applied in other views are maintained on the Map.

Map in Dark Mode

Works seamlessly with system-level dark mode settings.

Use Cases

The Map view unlocks unique perspectives across use cases:

  • Plot customer, partner or asset locations

  • Visualize service regions, sales territories or market areas

  • Track shipment origins and destinations

  • Map event venues, job sites or inventory warehouses

  • Identify facility locations for operations analysis

  • Monitor field employee positions

  • Pinpoint geographical assets and points of interest

With interactive navigation and built-in location tracking, the Map View surfaces new dimensions within your data.

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