Unique ID

The Unique ID field automatically generates a unique alphanumeric identifier for each record.

This brings immense value by creating persistent keys that consistently identify each record. Even if a record is deleted, its ID will never be duplicated.

Potential uses include:

  • Associating external systems to records via unique codes

  • Creating audit trails by tracking ID references

  • Searching for records easily in the platform via the ID, even if the record name changes

Unique IDs essentially establish immutable "social security numbers" for each record. This permanence and specificity enables powerful integrations, analytics, and identification capabilities.

Total Unique IDs Available

There are 36 possibilities for each of the 25 characters in a Blue Unique ID:

  • 26 uppercase letters (A-Z)

  • 10 digits (0-9)

This means that there are a total of 8.08×10^35 possibilities or, to be more accurate: 808,281,277,464,764,060,643,139,600,456,536,293,376

To put this into comparison, for every grain of sand on Earth (7.5*10^18), there are tens of quadrillions (1.08×10&17) of Unique IDs!

Project administrators can configure a custom prefix for all Unique IDs.

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