Location / Map

The Location / Map custom field allows you to capture geographic coordinates and display locations visually on a map within records in Blue. This is useful for associating records with real-world places and spaces.

The Location / Map custom field is useful for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Mapping customer or client locations for sales and service regions

  • Pinpointing event venues, job sites, or asset locations for field operations

  • Tracking shipment origins and destinations in supply chain workflows

  • Mapping real estate listings for properties available for sale or rent

  • Identifying hospital, clinic, or care home addresses in healthcare systems

  • Locating equipment deployment sites for installation and maintenance workflows

  • Showing branch or facility locations for internal operations and analysis

  • Displaying resource deposits, land plots, or other geographic assets

  • Associating records with geographical regions, sales territories, service areas, etc.

Adding Locations

When adding a location, users can either:

  • Manually enter latitude and longitude coordinates

  • Search for an address or location name, which will auto-populate the coordinates

  • Click on the map to drop a pin and select the desired location

Records containing a location can be viewed collectively on the Map view in Blue. On the Map, the pin color for each record corresponds to the color of its primary tag.

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