A webhook is an automated message sent from one application to another when something happens. For example, when a new record is created in Blue, a webhook can be configured to send data about that record to another system.

Blue webhooks are triggered instantly, within milliseconds of the event occurring. This real-time nature makes them invaluable for integrating Blue with other business systems.


  • Real-time data syncing across systems

  • Ability to respond and take action on Blue events

  • No need to repeatedly poll for changes; pushed instantly

  • Create custom integrations and workflows

Unprecedented Control

Blue webhooks give you fine-grained control over:

  • Exactly which events should trigger the webhook and from which project

  • Filters to narrow down the scope of records

  • Signature validation for enhanced security

Creating a Webhook

In Blue, Project Administrators can create webhooks under project settings. You specify:

  • Webhook name

  • Payload URL to send data

  • Optional secret for signature


Webhooks can be triggered by a wide variety of Blue events, including:

  • Record created/updated/deleted

  • Comment added/edited

  • Assignee changed

  • Checklist status changed

  • Custom field value changed

  • And many more

Webhook Payload

When triggered, Blue sends a JSON payload containing all details of the event to your specified URL.

Here is an example payload:

  "event": "RECORD_CREATED",
  "record": {
    "id": "1234",
    "title": "New record"
  "company": {
    "id": "5678"  
  "project": {
    "id": "91011"
  "user": {
    "id": "1213" 


To validate payloads are genuinely from Blue, an optional signature can be checked. Similar to OAuth, the signature is created by hashing the payload contents with your chosen secret key.

Sample Validation in Node.js

const crypto = require('crypto');
const key = 'secret'; 
const body = {...webhookPayload} 
const hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', key).update(body);
const signature = hash.digest('hex');

Additional Integrations

Beyond custom webhooks, Blue also offers integrations with tools like Zapier and Pabbly Connect to simplify connecting Blue data with hundreds of popular apps.

Example Webhook Response

  "event": "TODO_CREATED",

  "webhook": {

    "id": "clb4qaopy0000vt24mlp28v03",

    "uid": "edb5b5d51dc9461a952160dbe72153b4",

    "name": "Testing webhook",

    "url": "https://httpdump.app/dumps/7cc66eda-8e83-4039-ba49-4c36db14d508",

    "secret": "",

    "status": "HEALTHY",

    "enabled": true,

    "metadata": {

      "events": [
















      "projectIds": [






    "createdById": "claksl2ye0000vtas0h0ln71e",

    "createdAt": "2022-12-01T07:01:25.014Z",

    "updatedAt": "2022-12-01T11:23:00.661Z"


  "currentValue": {

    "id": "clb4zna6x0000vt1swuwso25f",

    "uid": "11021cb836f34732b31e5ebd5dd5eb27",

    "title": "GGGG",

    "html": null,

    "text": null,

    "position": "32767.5",

    "archived": false,

    "done": false,

    "startedAt": null,

    "duedAt": null,

    "timezone": null,

    "createdAt": "2022-12-01T11:23:09.000Z",

    "updatedAt": "2022-12-01T11:23:09.241Z",

    "createdById": "claksl2ye0000vtas0h0ln71e",

    "todoListId": "clakt9v5t000kvt64f563l90l",

    "todoCustomFields": [],

    "todoUsers": [],

    "todoTags": [],

    "todoList": {

      "id": "clakt9v5t000kvt64f563l90l",

      "uid": "df0e931e6e8f4fc2905ece9da167d2d3",

      "createdAt": "2022-11-17T08:29:22.000Z",

      "updatedAt": "2022-11-17T08:29:22.050Z",

      "title": "ETEST",

      "position": 131070,

      "createdById": "claksl2ye0000vtas0h0ln71e",

      "projectId": "clakt90vu000bvt64hhffqleq",

      "project": {

        "id": "clakt90vu000bvt64hhffqleq",

        "uid": "d7db469a8908496f8e5f5e68030fe4c8",

        "slug": "teest",

        "name": "TEEST",

        "description": "",

        "archived": false,

        "createdAt": "2022-11-17T08:28:43.000Z",

        "updatedAt": "2022-11-17T08:28:42.811Z",

        "isTemplate": false,

        "isOfficialTemplate": false,

        "category": "GENERAL",

        "companyId": "clakt8jud0002vt64205yyj10",

        "imageId": null,

        "hideEmailFromRoles": null,

        "company": {

          "id": "clakt8jud0002vt64205yyj10",

          "uid": "400eb3f8238c486caf40957618be9662",

          "slug": "rogue",

          "name": "Rogue",

          "description": null,

          "createdAt": "2022-11-17T08:28:21.000Z",

          "updatedAt": "2022-11-17T08:28:20.726Z",

          "freeTrialExpiredAt": "2022-12-01T08:28:15.000Z",

          "freeTrialStartedAt": "2022-11-17T08:28:15.000Z",

          "subscribedAt": null,

          "imageId": null,

          "subscriptionPlanId": "clakt8jue0003vt64e40q2prj",

          "freeTrialExtendedById": null,

          "freeTrialExtendedAt": null






Developer Support

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@blue.cc, and we assist. We also offer professional services for integration support.

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