The Calendar view provides a visual overview of your records in a calendar format. This view makes it easy to track due dates, schedules, and temporal relationships across your records.

Key Features

Weekday Toggle

Turn the display of weekends on or off. Having them toggled off gives more visual space.

Persistent Filters

Any filters you set will remain applied as you navigate across views.

Sync External Calendars

You can sync your Blue calendar with external calendars using supported integrations.

You can read more about calendar sync here:

pageCalendar Sync

Add New Dated Records

Click on any timeslot or date on the calendar to quickly create a new dated record. Input the details and the record will be scheduled at that time. For instance, click on next Thursday 25th to instantly schedule a "Client Call" record.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Easily reschedule records by dragging them to different dates/times slots. Lengthen or shorten the duration of records by dragging the bottom edge. For example, drag a "Team Meeting" record to move it to Tuesday at 2 PM or extend a "Project Deadline" record by a few days.

Today & Current Date

Instantly jump to the current date and records scheduled for today by clicking the Today button. This makes keeping track of impending deadlines and appointments simple.

Full Calendar Navigation

Change months and years or pick specific dates to jump to using the built-in calendar widget. Click the previous/next arrows to navigate year-by-year. Use this full calendar control to view past records or schedule items far into the future.

Click to Open

Click on any record to open and edit its details.

The Calendar provides a great high-level temporal view of your workflow. Combined with Blue's other views and records features, you get maximum flexibility in tracking and scheduling your projects!

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