The repeating records feature automatically allows you to recreate a record on a defined schedule. This is useful for tasks or processes that need to occur repeatedly regularly.

Repeating tasks in Blue provides several key benefits:

  • Save Time: Automates repetitive tasks so you don't have to manually recreate the same record over and over. This is great for recurring meetings, reports, newsletters etc. Saves having to rebuild agendas/documents every time.

  • Consistency: Ensures recurring processes follow the same structure by automatically carrying over checklists, custom fields, etc. Maintains continuity for recurring meetings or communications by copying over attendees, descriptions etc.

  • Planning Ahead: Enables preparation for upcoming recurring tasks well in advance. Can provide team visibility into future workload demands from repeating records

Creating Repeating records

To set up a repeating record you open the record you want to repeat and click on the ••• menu and then repeat:

You are then presented with the following options:

Repeat Intervals

You can choose from:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly

Or, create a custom repeating schedule that gives you significantly more flexibility and customisation options:

Here you can choose:

  • Starting from: choose the precise date that the record should start repeating from

  • Repeat every: Choose if the record should repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

  • End Condition: Choose if the record should repeat indefindely or after a certain date or number of repetitions

Copy Options

When a repeating task gets recreated, you can choose what data gets copied over from the original task:

  • Assignees

  • Tags

  • Custom fields

  • Checklists

  • Comments

  • Description

You are also able to choose which list the record should repeat in. Right now, we only support repeating records within the same project, not across projects.

Be aware that if you delete the original record, this will stop new records from being created with the repeat option.

Active Repeating Records

For any records that are repeating, these will show the repeat symbol on the record card in Board View:

And also within the individual record:

Stopping the Repeat

To stop a record from repeating:

  1. Open the original recurring record

  2. Click the repeat icon

  3. Select the "Stop Repeating" option

This will prevent any further recurring tasks from being created.

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