The List View provides a streamlined checklist interface for managing records. This linear perspective simplifies progressive tracking through multi-step processes.

Record on List

  • Checklist Format: Records are displayed in a convenient list, with checkboxes to mark completion.

  • Infinite Scroll: Scroll endlessly through lengthy lists across thousands of records.

  • Sorting: Sort by record name, date, assignee, and more to focus on relevant items.

  • Filtering: Use filters to zero in on records by timeline, assignee, tag, and any custom field.


  • Task Management - Review and check off outstanding todos and action items in second.

  • Prioritization - Focus effort on high-priority records via filtering and sorting.

  • Auditing - Review sequences of events in chronological order.

Use Cases

  • Managing sequential checklists - e.g. hiring pipelines, account onboarding.

  • Processing lists - e.g. purchase orders, service tickets, tasks.

  • Checking off project to-dos across departments and teams.

  • Reviewing records in date/time order - e.g. audit trails, histories.

With customizable sorting, filtering, and actions, the List View simplifies record management through sequential tracking.

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