Team Member

The Team Members role in Blue provides users more access compared to a basic Client User, while still restricting certain sensitive actions. As the name suggests, it is ideal for actual team members collaborating within a project.


Team Members can:

  • Add other Team Members

  • Create new projects

  • Make project templates from existing projects

  • Have a personal project for task management

  • Add, edit, mark complete, and delete most items in a project


However, Team Members are limited in that they cannot:

  • Delete projects

  • Access admin and billing settings

  • Upgrade account plan

  • Access other user's personal projects

  • Delete other user's items

Use Cases

The Team Member role empowers actual team members to collaborate while limiting destructive permissions:

  • Contributing to shared project work

  • Creating and managing their own tasks

  • Building new projects using existing templates

  • Populating personal task manager

  • Commenting and editing most items


To grant the Team Member role:

  1. Go to People tab in project

  2. Add team member

  3. Enter their email and sent invite!

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